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“cookies AND recipes AND chocolate NOT coconut”
a) Phrase searching
b) Search engine math
c) Boolean searching
d) Wildcard searching

“baseball cards”, “Mickey Mantle”
a) Search Engine Math
b) Boolean Searching
c) Phrase Searching
d) Wildcard Searching

“I* Suzuki”
a) Search Enginge Math
b) Title Searching
c) Boolean Searching
d) Wildcard Searching

a) Title Searching
b) Search Engine Math
c) Wildcard Searching
d) Phrase Searching

Internet Tutorials
a) Boolean Searching
b) Title searching
c) Search Engine Math
d) Phrase Searching

A(n) ____________________ is a collaborative Web site that can be edited by anyone with access.
a) Trademark
b) Wiki
c) News Feed
d) Copyright

A(n) ____________________ is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content.
a) website
b) podcast
c) facebook
d) news feed

A company’s logo or other graphic information may be protected as a(n) ____________________, which specifically relates to visual or commercial images.
a) copyright
b) patent
c) wiki
d) trademark

A(n) ____________________ is a collection of multimedia files that can be downloaded from the Internet to a mobile device or personal computer.
a) Radio
b) Podcast
c) Webcast
d) Blog

__________ is the exclusive right to make and use literary, musical, or artistic work, which is considered intellectual property.
a) copyright
b) trademark
c) patent
d) none of the above

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