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Tectonic plates consist of...
a) both continental and oceanic crust.
b) oceanic crust.
c) mesosphere.
d) continental crust.

Which of the following is most responsible for the formation of new crust at the edge of a tectonic plate?
a) magma rising up from the mantle at a divergent boundary.
b) mountain building at a continent-continent convergent boundary
c) two tectonic plates sliding past one another at a transform boundary
d) subduction of one oceanic plate under another at a convergent boundary

The breakdown of rocks into smaller pieces by physical means such as frost wedging...
a) Mechanical weathering
b) Chemical weathering
c) Mechanical erosion
d) Chemical decomposition

In which of the following CLIMATE would you expect to find the FASTEST rate of CHEMICAL weathering?
a) a warm, humid climate
b) a warm, dry climate
c) a cold, dry climate
d) a cold, humid climate

Which of the following statements describes how a rock CHANGES after it has been in a RIVER like the Chattahoochee for a long time?
a) The edges of the rock are worn away, so the rock becomes smoother.
b) The rock absorbs water from the Chattahoochee and becomes softer.
c) The rock rapidly breaks into smaller pieces.
d) Chunks of the rock break off, and the rock becomes rougher.

Solutions of water chemically BREAK down rock SLOWLY over time because...
a) Acids in the water react with chemicals in the rock
b) Water expands when it evaporates
c) Materials in the water are deposited in the rock
d) Water expands when it freezes

Which single source of freshwater represents the largest volume of freshwater worldwide that is EASILY available for use by humans?
a) groundwater deposits
b) rivers and streams
c) freshwater lakes
d) ice caps and glaciers

How do you determine the hardness of a mineral?
a) Scratch it with known minerals from the Mohs hardness scale
b) Crush it and see if it will dissolve in acid
c) Determine where the rock was formed in the rock cycle
d) Use the streak test, the color of the streak can match the hardness

Volcanic activity on Earth’s surface most likely results in the formation of
a) Extrusive igneous rock
b) Intrusive igneous rock
c) Clastic sedimentary rock
d) Chemical sedimentary rock

Which of the following best describes the process responsible for the
a) rocks + waves = sand
b) wind + waves = sand
c) beach + longshore current = sand
d) surf + wave train = sand

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