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A Review Of DNA And RNA.[print questions]

DNA ___________ is the process of making new copies of DNA
a) Transcription
b) Replication
c) Translation
d) transduction

DNA __________ is the process of reading one DNA strand to make an RNA
a) Transcription
b) Translation
c) Transduction
d) Replication

_________ happens when a cell is getting ready to divide into two cells.
a) Translation
b) Transduction
c) Replication
d) Transcription

______ takes the information that's being stored in DNA and sends it out to the cell
a) Cytoplasm
b) Protein
c) RNA
d) Carbohydrates

Instead of thymine, RNA has the nitrogen base __________.
a) adenine
b) guanine
c) uracil
d) cytosine

_______ is the formation of single, identical RNA from the two-stranded DNA.
a) Transcription
b) Translation
c) Replication
d) none of the above

In replication, the end result is two daughter strands of DNA, while in transcription, the end result is a ____.
a) carbohydrate molecule
b) protein molecule
c) strand of chromatin
d) none of the above

In _______, a protein is made from the base pairs that make up RNA
a) transcription
b) translation
c) replication
d) transduction

Groups of 3 base pairs either adenine, guanine, cytosine or uracil combine in different sequences to make ____
a) amino acids
b) lipids
c) DNA
d) carbohydrates

If a DNA strand has a cytosine, which nitrogen base will pair with it when RNA is made?
a) adenine
b) thymine
c) guanine
d) uracil

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