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If immigration and emigration are equal, what is the most important contributing factor for a slowed growth rate?
a) increased birth rate
b) constant birth rate
c) constant death rate
d) decreased birth rate

What type of growth pattern occurs when a population\'s growth rate slows or stops after a period of unrestricted growth?
a) logistic growth
b) multiple growth
c) growth density
d) exponential growth

When organisms move OUT of the population, this is known as:
a) immigration
b) emigration
c) abandonment
d) succession

Suflfur and nitrogen compounds in smog combine with water to form
a) ozone
b) chloroflurocarbons
c) acid rain
d) ammonia

What would be the most likely effect of in increase in the use of CFC\'s
a) ozone layer would disappear
b) no effect on the ozone in the atomosphere
c) ozone holes would get larger
d) ozone holes would get smaller

A population that grows until it reaches its carrying capacity usually has the shape of an ___
a) I
b) M
c) J
d) S

Unrestricted populations of organisms experience
a) exponential growth
b) biotic growth
c) fertility
d) linear growth

What must occur for a population to grow?
a) birthrate must be greater than the death rate
b) birthrate and death rate are equal
c) birthrate must be lower than death rate
d) birthrate remains the same and death rate increases

For a particular species, the carrying capacity is the maximum number of individuals that
a) the species could reach in a given time if all the offspring survive and reproduce
b) are in their post reproductive years
c) could be supported by an environment for a year
d) could be supported by a given environment indefinitely

As DDT moves up the trophic levels in food chains, or food webs, its concentration
a) stays the same
b) increases
c) decreases
d) is eliminated

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