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What is needed for thunderstorms?
a) a lot of water in the lower atmosphere
b) all these things are needed
c) the cloud is cooler than the air around it
d) moisture that rises and condenses

What causes air mass thunderstorms?
a) unequal heating of the earth's surface
b) charged particles caused by lightning
c) warm air mass colliding with cold air mass
d) cold air mass with warm air mass

What causes frontal thundertorms?
a) cold or warm fronts
b) only warm fronts
c) only cold fronts
d) uneven heating of the earth's surface

What are the two types of air mass thunderstorms?
a) sea breeze and mountain
b) cold and warm
c) near and far
d) big and small

What are the stages of storm development?
a) cumulus, mature, dissipation
b) first, second, third
c) continental, tropical, arctic
d) rain, tornadoes, hurricanes

What happens in the cumulus stage of a storm?
a) warm air rises and forms clouds
b) cold air sinks rapidly causing down drafts
c) area is cooled and convection stops
d) rain and hail are possible

What instrument measures air pressure?
a) barometer
b) anemometer
c) hygrometer
d) ceilometer

What instrument measures wind direction?
a) anemometer
b) hygrometer
c) ceilometer
d) thermometer

What instrument measures relative humidity?
a) hygrometer
b) anemometer
c) barometer
d) ceilometer

What is true of frontal thunderstorms?
a) Cold fronts are more likely to cause thunderstorms than warm fronts
b) Warm fronts are more likely to cause thunderstorms than cold fronts
c) Only warm fronts cause thunderstorms
d) Only cold fronts cause thunderstorms

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