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A person, place, thing, or idea is called
a) a verb
b) an adjective
c) a noun
d) a sentence

Which of these words is a noun?
a) absolutely
b) beautiful
c) quickly
d) beauty

A singular noun
a) happens in the present tense
b) refers to only one person, place, thing, or idea
c) shows ownership
d) refers to more than one person, place, thing or idea

What do you call a word that replaces a noun?
a) an adjective
b) a verb
c) a common noun
d) a pronoun

What do you call a word that describes a noun?
a) a pronoun
b) a proper noun
c) an adjective
d) a preposition

These words (he, she, it, you, me, they) are all examples of
a) verb tenses
b) pronouns
c) common nouns
d) conjunctions

Which of these describes VERB TENSE?
a) an action word
b) a stressful situation
c) tells when an action happens
d) the way you feel when you read

Which of these sentences is written in the PAST TENSE?
a) You are amazing!
b) We were happy.
c) She has five dollars.
d) They have too much homework.

Which of these sentences is written in the PRESENT TENSE?
a) We have bananas.
b) It was raining.
c) They had to go home before dark.
d) Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!

Which of these is a correctly written sentence?
a) My aunt bernie is afraid of everything
b) All the time.
c) Because it was late.
d) The large dog barked loudly.

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