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Which of these is NOT a major goal of information management?
a) giving information more responsibility and an increased salary
b) collecting, organizing and securely maintaining necessary information
c) preventing access to information by unauthorized personnel
d) ensuring that authorized personnel can gain instantaneous access to information

Which type of production needs the largest overall work area?
a) custom manufacturing
b) mass production
c) television
d) radio

Which type of production needs less overall work area but more per worker?
a) custom manufacturing
b) mass production
c) broadway
d) film

Facilities management includes all of these EXCEPT
a) locating and purchasing necessary land and buildings
b) ensuring healthy and comfortable lighting and air and water quality
c) communicating marketing information to materials suppliers
d) building maintenance and repair

The steps of the CPI process are
a) involve everyone, identify process activities, establish quality performance standards, select measurement tools, monitor per
b) research market, set prices, manufacture products, find customers, ship products
c) define the problem, identify possible solutions, evaluate choices, choose one, act on the choice, reflect on the decision
d) develop business idea, research market, purchase facilities, locate suppliers, develop production process

Which of these is NOT a part of the production process?
a) manufacturing activities
b) product design
c) acquiring and using raw materials
d) using manufacturing equipment

Which of the following is NOT part of logistics/supply chain management?
a) acquisition of supplies
b) movement of supplies
c) storage of supplies
d) party supplies

Which of these is not a function of manufacturing automation software?
a) monitors and sometimes controls machines
b) facilitates meetings where all participants have access to the same information
c) checks for errors and product defects
d) reports on production levels

Which of these maintains the supply of all resources needed for production and the products produced?
a) safety and security
b) facilties management
c) personnel management
d) inventory management

Which of these obtain natural resources from the earth for processing and use?
a) farmers
b) extractors
c) Captain Planet
d) retailers

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