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What is the first structure to prevent water loss in the leaf called?
a) cuticle
b) stomata
c) epidermis
d) mesophyll

Which cells form the stomata?
a) sieve cells
b) guard cells
c) phloem cells
d) mesophyll cells

How is the sugar produced by photosynthesis transported from the leaf?
a) in the xylem
b) in the phloem
c) through the stomata
d) through the epidermis

Which cells in the leaf are green?
a) phloem cells
b) mesophyll cells
c) lower epidermis cells
d) upper epidermis cells

What are the loosely packed photosynthetic cells in the leaf called?
a) epidermis
b) guard cells
c) spongy mesophyll
d) palisade mesophyll

What is the plant tissue that is responsible for new growth?
a) dermal
b) ground
c) vascular
d) meristem

What is the plant tissue responsible for limiting water loss?
a) dermal
b) ground
c) vascular
d) meristem

Which zone of a root tip increases the surface area for water and dissolved mineral uptake?
a) roots hair zone
b) apical meristem
c) elongation zone
d) maturation zone

How is vascular tissue arranged in dicot stems?
a) in bundles in a ring
b) in randomly arranged bundles
c) in bundles near the outer edge
d) in a cross shape within the stem

What is the most closely related term to transpiration?
a) osmosis
b) evaporation
c) transportation
d) capillary action

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