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Which of the following laws best define this statement? The total amount of energy in a closed system stays the same.
a) Kepler's law
b) Avogadro's law
c) The law of negative energy
d) The law of conservation of energy

Energy transformations occur as energy changes from one form to another. As these transformations occur, which of the following happens?
a) heat is given off
b) pressure increases
c) mass is combusted
d) pressure decreases

If energy decreases in one part of a system, what will happen?
a) Energy will be created in the system.
b) Energy will be destroyed in the system.
c) Energy will increase in another part of the same system.
d) Energy will decrease in another part of the same system.

Which of the following types of energy originates below Earth's surface?
a) Electrical energy
b) Geothermal energy
c) Mechanical energy
d) Electromagnetic energy

What type of energy transfer is made possible by a nine-volt battery in a calculator?
a) light to mechanical
b) electrical to chemical
c) chemical to electrical
d) electrical to electromagnetic

_____________ is the ability to do work.
a) Force
b) Joules
c) Power
d) Energy

Which of the following has the most kinetic energy?
a) a bus stopped at a red light.
b) a small child moving slowly on a tricycle.
c) a player hanging on the rim after dunking a basketball.
d) a helicopter getting ready to take off from the top of a tall building.

Which of the following is not an example of chemical energy?
a) gold
b) wood
c) gasoline
d) pop corn

The law of the conservation of energy says that energy cannot be created and it cannot be --
a) used
b) changed
c) destroyed
d) transformed

E=mc2 means that
a) Electricity equals matter
b) Energy balances matter
c) The speed of light is energy
d) Matter can be converted into energy

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