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Newton's 1st Law of Motion is also known as the Law of...?
a) Action-Reaction
b) Inertia
c) Momentum
d) Acceleration

An object in motion tends to stay in motion because it has
a) speed
b) mass
c) inertia
d) terminal velocity

Force is measured using what type of unit?
a) kilograms
b) pounds
c) metric tons
d) newtons

Which of the following is true for Newtons' 2nd Law of Motion?
a) The total force is equal to the mass of the object divided by its density.
b) The total force is equal to the mass of the object times its acceleration.
c) The total force is equal to the distance traveled divided by the time of the travel.
d) The total force is equal to the mass of the object divided by its volume.

All four of the following objects were rolling down a hill. Which has a greater momentum?
a) a grain of sand
b) a pebble
c) a small stone
d) a boulder

What type of friction is demonstrated by a bird in flight?
a) sliding
b) rolling
c) fluid
d) static

In order to facilitate the movement of a grand piano, what should a mover use?
a) a ladder
b) more men to push it
c) a cart
d) a rope

When a falling object no longer accelerates, it has reached
a) terminal velocity
b) free fall
c) the force of resistance
d) orbit

In order to determine if an object is moving, you should use
a) a meter stick
b) a reference point
c) the formula for speed
d) the formula for acceleration

Velocity is
a) mass divided by volume
b) final velocity minus starting velocity, divided by time
c) speed plus direction
d) the same as momentum

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