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What type of galaxy is the Milky Way believed to be?
a) Spiral
b) Elliptical
c) Irregular
d) Quasar

What is the diagonal pattern of stars on the H-R Diagram called?
a) Main Sequence
b) Giants
c) White Dwarfs
d) Supernovas

What are some of the most distant objects in space that are some of the most powerful energy sournces in space called?
a) Quasars
b) Open clusters
c) Globular Clusters
d) Pulsars

What is apparent magnitude?
a) How bright a star appears to be
b) The actual brightness of a star
c) The apparent movement of a star
d) The temperature of a star

What is absolute magnitude?
a) The actual brightness of a star
b) The apparent movement of a star
c) The temperature of a star
d) How bright a star appears to be

What is a star that runs out of hydrogen and the atmosphere grows really large and cools?
a) Red giant
b) White dwarf
c) Yellow star
d) Pulsar

List the following in order of increasing size: nebula, galaxy, neutron star, globular cluster
a) neutron star, nebula, globular cluster, galaxy
b) globular cluster, nebula, neutron star, galaxy
c) nebula, neutron star, galaxy, globular cluster
d) neutron star, nebula, galaxy, globular cluster

What is the dense object with gravity so strong that light cannot escape called?
a) Black hole
b) Supernova
c) Pulsar
d) Quasar

What can form after a supernova?
a) a neutron star, a pulsar, and/or a black hole
b) a neutron star
c) a black hole
d) a black hole and a neutron star

What is the apparent shift in motion of a star called?
a) parallax
b) apparent magnitude
c) pulsar
d) rotation

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