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President Johnson escalated American involvement in Vietnam by
a) declaring war
b) having Ngo Dinh Diem assassinated
c) sending "advisers"
d) ordering airstrikes

Which of the following best describes the Vietcong's war strategy?
a) fight small skirmishes
b) avoid any confrontation
c) engage in large-scale battles
d) battle by day and rest at night

By the end of 1965, most American soldiers in Vietnam
a) refused to fight
b) were volunteers
c) were drafted
d) had not seen any fighting

In March 1968, what surprising announcement did President Johnson make to the American people?
a) The draft had ended
b) He would not run for another term as president
c) The Vietcong had seized control of South Vietnam
d) The United States and South Vietnam had won the war

What did the Pentagon Papers reveal?
a) President Nixon withdrew from the peace process
b) The United States had given arms and money to the Vietcong
c) The U.S. military tried to cover up the massacre of Vietnamese civilians
d) U.S. leaders misled Congress and the American people about the war

Ultimately, the end of the Vietnam War resulted in:
a) greater U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia
b) expanded war-making powers for the U.S. President
c) communist control of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam
d) a communist control North Vietnam and democratic South Vietnam

President Nixon believed that normalizing relations with China would
a) drive a wedge between China and the Soviet Union
b) prolong the war in Vietnam
c) hurt American economic interests
d) damage efforts to democratize China

The Watergate Scandal was the ...
a) Violation of the Clean Air and Water Act
b) Leak of the Pentagon Papers to the press
c) An affair Nixon had with one of his secretaries
d) Break in of the Democratic Party headquarters

What was the Strategic Defense Initiative?
a) a program to use laser technology to defend America against missiles
b) a series of military actions to root out communism in Central America
c) a coalition of nations who volunteered to police the Middle East
d) a plan to defend Eastern Europe in the event of a Soviet attack.

In the Iran-Contra affair, the Reagan administration
a) secretly hired Iranian agents to fight against the Contras
b) paid the Contras to release Americans being held hostage in Iran
c) used earnings from weapons sales to Iran to fund the Contras
d) hired Lebanese agents to rescue Iranians being held by the Contras.

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