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American History Review WWII.[print questions]

A program in which the Nazi leadership systemically killed six million jews was known as:
a) Blitzkrieg
b) Holocaust
c) Lightning Warfare
d) Slave Labor

The Battle in World War II that saw the destruction of an entire German Army was:
a) Stalingrad
b) Leningrad
c) Guadalcanal
d) Dunkirk

The Axis Powers in World War II were made up of:
a) U.S., Britain and France
b) Soviet Union, Germany and Japan
c) Italy, Germany and Japan
d) Soviet Union, Germany and Italy

Germany signed a non-aggression pact prior to entry into World War II with:
a) Japan
b) Italy
c) France
d) Soviet Union

Operation Overlord, or D-Day, was the allied invasion of where?
a) Japanese held islands in the Pacific
b) Italy
c) Northern Africa
d) Normandy, France

Which group was placed in internment camps by the U.S. government during World War II?
a) Italian Americans
b) German Americans
c) Japanese Americans
d) None of the Above

Which came LAST in World War II?
a) Unconditional surrender of Italy
b) Surrender of Japan
c) Death of Adolf Hitler
d) Dropping of the two Atomic Bombs

Which organization was formed at the end of World War II to help maintain peace?
a) League of Nations
b) Organization of the United States
d) United Nations

What is the name of the imaginary barrier separating Soviet-controlled countries and the free world post World War II?
a) Hot Spots
b) Berlin Wall
c) Cold War
d) Iron Curtain

The American policy to keep communism contained within its existing boarders was called what?
a) Iron Curtain
b) Containment
c) Marshall Plan
d) Truman Doctrine

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