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The income tax paid to the federal government is called…
a) Provincial Income Tax
b) Federal Income Tax
c) CPP
d) EI

What does YTD mean?
a) Year to Deduct
b) Yearly total Deductions
c) Year to Date
d) Yearly total Date

Income tax paid to the Ontario government is called…
a) Federal Income Tax
b) Provincial Toll
c) Ontario Trust
d) Provincial Income Tax

What is the usual length for a pay period?
a) 2 weeks or 1 month
b) 2 days or 2 months
c) 1 week or 2 months
d) 1 day

What does RRSP mean?
a) Registered Retirement Spending Program
b) Registered Retirement Savings Plan
c) Retirement Relief Salvation Program
d) Registered Retirement Sailing Program

Another name for worker is…
a) Employer
b) Employee
c) Boss man
d) President

What are the maximum hours that one can work for regular pay?
a) 40 hours
b) 50 hours
c) 60 hours
d) 70 hours

When you work beyond 40 hours per week, you earn…
a) Regular pay
b) Over time pay
c) Gross pay
d) Net pay

Gross pay is the money earned…
a) After deductions
b) Selling goods
c) Importing goods
d) Before deductions

What is a Social Insurance Number...
a) Unique number for an individual issued by the government
b) Serial number on money
c) Unique number for an individual issued by employers
d) Credit card number

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