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When did the Earth begin forming?
a) 4.6 billion years ago
b) 4.6 million years ago
c) during the Mesozoic Era
d) 4.5 billion years ago

The Paleozoic Era is also know as the Age of
a) Mammals
b) Slurpies
c) Reptile
d) Fishes

The Mesozoic Era is also known as the
a) Age of Mammals
b) Age of Reptiles
c) Age of Dance
d) Age of Fishes

The Cenozoic Era is known as the
a) Age of Mammals
b) Age of Hot Dogs
c) Age of Reptiles
d) Age of Fishes

What happened when temperatures decreased during the ice ages of the Cenozoic Era?
a) Seas flooded most continents.
b) Small reptiles died out.
c) New mammal species developed.
d) Men created blankets.

What caused a variety of life-forms to appear in the Cambrian Period.
a) tectonic activity that created mountain ranges.
b) shallow inland seas retreating.
c) lush forests appearing.
d) warm, shallow seas covering the continents.

The numeric or exact age of an object is called?
a) relative age
b) absolute age
c) friendly age
d) old age

When did organisms that formed index fossils live?
a) long spans of geologic time.
b) short spans of geologic time.

Scientists have most accurately determined the absolute ages of rock layers by
a) factoring rates of sediment deposition
b) determining rates of erosion
c) using geologic columns
d) using radiometric dating methods

The rock sample that contains mostly the daughter isotope is...
a) older
b) younger
c) muddy
d) volcanic

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