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Reviewing The Professionalism Terms Discussed In Class .[print questions]

Another name for employee is…
a) Employer
b) Worker
c) Professor
d) Organizer

What are the ABCs of professionalism?
a) Attention, Behaviour, Consideration
b) Attraction, Beauty, Confidence
c) Attitude, Behaviour, Communication
d) Attitude, Behaviour, Consideration

How do employees show their professionalism?
a) Attitude, Behaviour, Communication & Customer Service skills, teamwork
b) Appearance, Behaviour, Cooperation & Customer Service skills, teamwork
c) Attitude, Behaviour, Courteous & Customer Service skills, teamwork
d) Appearance, Behaviour, Communication & Customer Service skills, teamwork

To whom does professionalism apply?
a) Employees & Employers
b) Businesses & Organizations
c) Co-workers & Colleagues
d) No one needs to be professional

How will co-workers & customers feel if people behave professionally?
a) Considerate & patient of the people
b) Open-minded & positive of the people
c) Comfortable & trusting of the people
d) Comfortable & mistrusting of the people

A worker is another name for …
a) Employer
b) Employee
c) Professor
d) Organizer

How will the company you work for benefit if you behave professionally?
a) Customers will return & profits will go down
b) Customers will go to the competition
c) Nothing will happen to the company
d) Customers will return & profits will go up

An attitude, state of mind & a partial reason how you work is the meaning of…
a) Professionalism
b) Profiteering
c) Customer Service
d) Personal Hygiene

Who must be professional while on the job?
a) Businesses & Organizations
b) Employees & Employers
c) Co-workers & Colleagues
d) Nobody, because it doesn’t matter

The movement of people in & out of a job is…
a) Network
b) Advancement Prospects
c) Turnover
d) Truancy

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