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Any push of pull is called
a) force
b) motion
c) inertia
d) speed

An unseen force that pulls objects towards the center of Earth.
a) air resistance
b) gravity
c) friction
d) inertia

An unseen force that pushes on an object in the opposite direction that the object is moving in.
a) gravity
b) inertia
c) air resistance
d) friction

An unseen force that opposes motion and slows things down.
a) inertia
b) balanced force
c) air resistance
d) friction

Forces that are equal in size but opposite in direction.
a) balanced forces
b) unbalanced forces
c) inertia
d) net forces

Forces that result in a change in velocity (speed and/or direction) of the object.
a) balanced forces
b) net forces
c) zero forces
d) friction

The property of matter to resist any change in velocity.
a) friction
b) net force
c) inertia
d) acceleration

Gravity depends upon the mass of an object and...
a) the shape of the two objects
b) the density of the two objects
c) the size of the two objects
d) the distance between two objects

Inertia depends on how much ____________ an object has.
a) mass
b) volume
c) gravity
d) force

One way to decrease friction is to ......
a) use rubber
b) use oil, grease, or butter
c) use velcro
d) use grip tape

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