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Which of these are a benefit of greenhouse gases?
a) Gases emmited by humans that contribute to the overheating of the planet.
b) Gases that are emitted by humans causing the depletion of the stratospheric ozone.
c) Gases that are trapped in our troposphere that causes photochemical smog.
d) Gases that are trapped in the atmosphere keep our planet within a comfortable temperature for life.

Methane gases come from?
a) Dead biological material and waste from humans,
b) combustion of fossil fuels,
c) burning of forests,
d) car exhaust,

Carbon Dioxide comes from?
a) dead biological material and waste from humans,
b) burning of fossil fuels for transport and industry,
c) leaking of coolant from air conditioners,
d) belching and flatus of cows,

Which of the following is not caused by global warming?
a) The changing of global weather patterns,
b) chloroflourocarbons will deplete stratospheric ozone
c) water resources will become more scarce,
d) sea levels rising,

Why is global warming related to an increase in malaria cases in Africa?
a) Africans have little protection against malaria,
b) sexually transmitted diseases are spread by humans.
c) the virus is able to survive longer in warmer climates,
d) prolonged temperatures will lengthen the mosquito breeding season,

Positive feedback increases global warming through...
a) ice melts-reflection decreases-albedo increases-temperature decreases-methane gas is trapped
b) ice forms-reflection decreases-albedo increases-temperature increases-methane gas is released
c) ice melts-reflection decreases-albedo increases-temperature increases-methane gas is released
d) ice melts-reflection increases-albedo decreases-temperature increases-methane gas is released

Which of the following is NOT a national / international strategy for solving global warming?
a) increasing forest cover
b) giving subisidies to multi-national companies
c) developing carbon capture methods
d) improving public transport

Which of the following is not a benefit?
a) Carbon offset programs are to encourage technological development in developing countries,
b) Carbon taxes encourage CO2 producers to reduce emissions,
c) Carbon trading has allowed for the development of carbon trading speculation.
d) Carbon trading allows high producing countries to pay poor countries to trade for carbon credit,

How are global warming trends mainly measured throughout time?
a) Oceanic pH,
b) soil analysis.
c) polar/glacial ice cores,
d) freshwater turbidity,

Skeptics of global warming often argue that we are over reacting because..
a) Polar bears are not important
b) Global warming will be solved by mans technological ability
c) The Earth naturally fluctuates between periods of cooling and warming
d) Warming will allow for farming in of places previously too cold

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