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site of a major British victory in the French and Indian War
a) repeal of Abraham
b) royal colony
c) Stamp of Abraham
d) Plains of Abraham

early skirmishes of the Revolutionary War
a) Lexington and Concord
b) common and concord
c) mercenary and concord
d) Glorious and Concord

group of people with the power to make laws
a) orange
b) legislature
c) olive
d) boycott

law fordidding settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains Proclamation of
a) 1763
b) public
c) repeal
d) Toleration

series of laws passed in 1774 to punish Boston for the Tea Party Intolerable
a) Acts
b) French
c) Quebec
d) cash

meeting of delegates from the 12 colonies in Philadelphia First
a) Pennsylvania
b) Quebec
c) Continental Congress
d) legislature

religious movement in the 1730s and 1740s Great
a) Awakening
b) repeal
c) English
d) Albany

name given to the burning of Jamestown Bacon's
a) Rebellion
b) English
c) town
d) debtor

private teacher
a) legislature
b) tutor
c) cash
d) Enlightenment

upper class
a) cash
b) tutor
c) gentry
d) Bacon's

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