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According to Thomas Hobbes, human life was brutish, nasty, and short so _____ was needed to preserve order in society.
a) absolute power
b) democratic power
c) religious power
d) contrasting power

John Locke wrote, _________, and argued against the absolute rule of one person.
a) Two Treatises of Government
b) Leviathan
c) Romeo and Juliet
d) Don Quixote

John Locke believed that humans had certain _______ that they were born with.
a) natural rights
b) defects
c) features
d) positions in society

According to John Locke, life, liberty, and property were...
a) natural rights.
b) defects in society.
c) important features in society that people earn.
d) position in society that could be purchased.

According to John Locke, if a government broke the contract to protect the rights of the people, the people might form a...
a) new government.
b) invite an invasion from another monarchy.
c) group to produce entertainment to help forget about their problems.
d) building to hold the government hostage.

In his paintings, _______ used elongated and contrted figures, portraying them in unusual shades of yellow and green against a gray background.
a) El Greco
b) Shakespeare
c) Bernini
d) Cervantes

Peter the great was
a) a Russian czar.
b) a French king.
c) a famous artist.
d) a political German leader.

Versilles is a...
a) palace.
b) law.
c) queen of France.
d) powerful family.

When Louis XIV died, he left France with...
a) great debts and surrounded by enemies.
b) a surplus of gold.
c) control of the Austrian Empire.
d) control of Prussia.

The Russian word for caesar is...
a) czar.
b) kingonv.
c) empernov.
d) romanov.

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