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William and Mary's arrival is called the ______________ because James, his wife, and son, fled to france and there was almost no bloodshed.
a) Glorious Revolution
b) Restoration
c) Age of Absolutism
d) coronation of the Czar

For fear that the son born to James and his second wife would become the next king of England, a group of English noblemen...
a) invited the Dutch leader, William of Orange, husband of James' daughter Mary, to invade England.
b) invited Phillip II, King of Spain, to invade with his armada.
c) asked the King of France, Louis XIV, for military assistance.
d) granted the Irish nobility to take over England as long as they did not change the look of the flag.

With the death of Charles I, James II became king and was _____, making religion once more a cause of conlict between king and Parliament.
a) Catholic
b) Protestant
c) Puritan
d) Calvinist

After Cromwell's death, the English Parliament restored the monarchy with...
a) Charles II
b) Louis XIV
c) Elizabeth I
d) Henry VIII

The Bill of Rights, accepted by William and Mary, set forth Parliament's right to...
a) make laws and levy taxes.
b) choose future heads of state.
c) execute any monarchs who did not follow the law.
d) rule with divine right.

The Bill of Rights laid the foundaiton for a limited, or constitutional, ______.
a) monarchy
b) parliament
c) congress
d) grace of God

The Toleration Act of 1689 granted Puritans, but not Catholics, the right of free______.
a) public worship
b) land
c) press
d) gunpowder

By deposing on king and establishg another, Parliament had destroyed the...
a) divine-right theory of kingship.
b) monarchy forever.
c) idea that only women could rule England.
d) commonwealth.

The system in which a ruler holds total power is called ________.
a) absolutism
b) a commonwealth
c) a republic
d) communism

Louis the XIV fostered the myth of himself as the...
a) Sun King.
b) Moon King.
c) Star King.
d) World King.

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