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What do we call the points on a magnet that have opposite magnetic qualities?
a) magnetic poles
b) magnetic field lines
c) magnetic force
d) electric current

Which of the following is NOT the behavior of magnets?
a) North pole attracted to North pole
b) South pole attracted to North pole
c) South pole repeled by South pole
d) They are all correct

What are groups of atoms in tiny areas found in iron, nickel, and cobalt called (tiny magnets of different sizes in an object)?
a) electrons
b) neutrons
c) protons
d) domains

Which of the following is NOT a way that a magnet can lose its magnetic properties?
a) drop or hit the magnet
b) put the magnet in a strong magnetic field that is opposite to its own
c) heat up the magnet
d) cool down the magnet

What happens when you cut a magnet in half?
a) You have one north-pole and one south-pole piece
b) You have two magnets
c) You have one north-pole piece
d) The magnet is ruined

How do you make a metal object such as a nail into a magnet?
a) You rub it in one direction with one pole of a magnet
b) You rub it back and forth with one pole of a magnet
c) You rub it at the center of the magnet
d) You heat it at a high temperature

Why are some objects magnetic and others are not?
a) The domains of objects that are not magnetic line up, while the magnetic fields of magnetic objec
b) The domains of magnetic objects line up, while the magnetic fields cancel each other out in objec
c) Everything is magnetic if given enough of an electric charge.
d) Objects that aren’t magnetic don’t have north and south poles.

Why does a compass needle move when it is near a wire with an electric current
a) The electric current flows into the compass needle.
b) The compass needle induces an electric current.
c) The compass needle needs an energy source.
d) The electric current creates a magnetic field.

What is the interaction between electricity and magnetism?
a) Direct current
b) Alternating current
c) Electromagnetism
d) Magnetricity

What happens when you move a magnet through a coil of wire?
a) A magnetic force is induced.
b) An electric current is induced.
c) An electromagnet is created.
d) A series circuit is created.

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