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There is a bicycle stopped at the top of the hill
a) He will have high Kinetic Energy, because he is all set to go
b) He will have high Potential Energy, because he is so high off the ground
c) He will have approximately the same Kinetic and Potential Energy
d) He will have high low Potential Energy because he is not moving yet

Which of the following will have high potentail energy
a) A rock sitting on the edge of a cliff
b) A rollercoaster at the bottom of a hill
c) A ball laying on the ground
d) A car speeding down the road

A greenhouse, used to grow plants by trapping sunlight, utilizes what type of heat transfer
a) Radiation
b) Conduction
c) Convection
d) Thermal Transferance, whatever that is? Don't pick this one!

Boiling water is what type of heat transfer
a) Convection
b) Conduction
c) Radiation
d) Boilance. What is that? Sounds like you made up an answer so the game would work!

If you have ice in water
a) The KE from the water heats the ice, which steals heat from the water, making it cooler
b) The KE from the ice travels to the water, even though the KE in the ice is low
c) The KE from both the water and the ice cancel each other out
d) There is no KE involved when you talk about heat

Longitudinal waves
a) Particles vibrate in the same direction that the waves travel
b) Particles travel at right angles to the direction of the wave
c) Represent light waves
d) Do not need particles to move

Light Waves
a) Are Transverse waves
b) Are Longitudinal waves
c) Are faster in solids
d) Need particles to travel through

Sound Waves
a) Speed is affected by medium and temperature
b) Will travel through all mediums, including outer space
c) Does not require medium to travel through
d) Goes slower through solid than air

The Doppler Effect is caused by
a) A moving source of sound, which causes a drop in frequency eeeeoooooow
b) ooooooweeeeee, increase in frequency
c) Light wave interference, no! Don't pick this one!
d) Something else

Light can be in the form of both
a) Waves and particles
b) Sound and Light
c) Salt and Pepper
d) Right and Left

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