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Which is not a characteristic of energy
a) cannot be created nor destroyed
b) changes spontaneously from disorder to order
c) exists in forms such as chemical, light, and mechanical
d) is the capacity to do work

Which organism depends on external source of organic compounds
a) autotroph
b) photoautotroph
c) chemoautotroph
d) heterotroph

What do cells store and release as the main source of chemical energy
a) ATP
b) ADP
c) NADP+

What waste product of photosynthesis is released to the environment
a) carbon dioxide
b) water
c) oxygen
d) ammonia

What is the internal membrane of the chloroplast that is organized into flattened membranous sacs?
a) thylakoids
b) mitochondria
c) theca
d) stroma

What is another name for the light independent reaction
a) Krebs cycle
b) Calvin cycle
c) Light reaction
d) Carotenoid cycle

The electron transport chain of photosynthesis
a) utilizes light to to excite electrons
b) splits the water molecule into oxygen O2 and hydrogen ions H+
c) converts ADP to ATP
d) all of the above

The calvin cycle takes place in the
a) granum
b) thylakoid
c) stroma
d) vacuole

The product of the Calvin cycle is
a) rubisco
b) glucose
c) oxygen as O2
d) carbon dioxide

Which of the following effect the rate of photosynthesis
a) light intensity
b) temperature
c) concentration of CO2
d) all of the above

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