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The process of science starts with
a) an observation
b) a theory
c) an experiment
d) a hypothesis

The two main stages of the cell cycle are
a) mitosis and cytokinesis
b) prophase and anaphase
c) interphase and mitosis
d) metaphase and interpahse

A virus is unique in that it
a) is very small
b) cannot reproduce on its own
c) reproduces quickly
d) has RNA

The tangled mass that makes up the body of a fungus is the
a) mycelium
b) stolon
c) rhizoid
d) hypha

Male and female reproductive structures in conifers are found in
a) flowers
b) leaves
c) cones
d) fruits

Tropisms in plants are controlled by
a) hormones
b) light and dark
c) the cell cycle
d) light

Fungi do NOT
a) grow on their fsood source
b) absorb digested materials
c) use photosynthesis.
d) digest food outside of their bodies

Organisms that feed on decaying material are called
a) saprobes
b) symbiotics
c) autotrophs
d) parasites

Fungi feed on
a) only living organisms
b) only other fungi
c) both living and dead organisms
d) only dead organisms

Two organisms living together and benefiting from each other is a ______ relationship.
a) parasitic
b) symbiotic
c) competitive
d) saprophytic

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