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Buildings collapse as soil beneath becomes liquid.
a) liquidation
b) liquids
c) liquefaction
d) liquidity

The buildup of stress in Earth's crust can become so great that rocks reach their __________.
a) tectonic force
b) elastic force
c) tectonic limit
d) elastic limit

A reverse fault is often located where plates __________.
a) come together
b) move apart
c) slide past one another
d) overturn

To locate an earthquake's ___________, scientist use information from at least three seismograph stations.
a) focus
b) elastic limit
c) epicenter
d) tectonic force

The San Andreas Fault in California is an example of a __________.
a) normal fault
b) reverse fault
c) strike-slip fault
d) oblique fault

__________ do not pass through liquid so they are stopped when they hit the liquid outer core.
a) Primary waves
b) Secondary waves
c) Surface waves
d) Earthquake waves

The slowest seismic waves are __________.
a) Primary waves
b) Secondary waves
c) Surface waves
d) Ocean waves

The boundary between the upper mantle and the crust is called the __________.
a) Lockard discontinuity
b) Moho discontinuity
c) Guttenberg discontinuity
d) Erler discontinuity

Normal faults are created by __________.
a) compression
b) tension
c) torsion
d) drop in air pressure

The farther apart primary, secondary, and surface waves arrive, the __________ the epicenter is.
a) closer
b) farther away
c) stronger
d) weaker

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