7th Grade FE Practice 3 Pre 2012 Question Preview (ID: 8104)

Exploring Business Techologies Study Questions.[print questions]

Which computer part produces a soft copy?
a) monitor
b) printer
c) disk drive
d) keyboard

Which computer part is used to enter data in the computer?
a) speakers
b) monitor
c) keyboard
d) printer

Which computer part is called the brains of the computer?
a) printer
b) CPU
c) disk drive
d) keyboard

Which computer part produces output?
a) keyboard
b) mouse
c) speaker
d) disk drive

Which part of a letter tells you that something else is included in the envelope with the letter?
a) salutation
b) complimentery closing
c) enclosure notation
d) return address

What is the proper line spacing between the inside address and the salutation in a personal letter?
a) single
b) double
c) triple
d) quadruple

How many spaces should you type AFTER a semi-colon ?
a) none
b) one
c) three
d) two

What type of computer devices are CD-Roms and floppy disks?
a) input
b) output
c) storage
d) processing

Which part of a MEMO tells you that someone other than the author of the MEMO actually keyed (typed) the MEMO?
a) The body
b) The salutation
c) The FROM name
d) The typist initials

These words TO, FROM, SUBJECT & DATE represent what part of the memo?
a) The closing
b) The body
c) The heading
d) The subject

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