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Sarah is peer editing a classmate's report. Which proofreading mark should she use to let her classmate know to start a new paragraph
a) ¶
b) ] [
c) ( )
d) [

After reading the computer textbook, students learned about peripheral devices. Which peripheral devices did the students learn are the MOST common?
a) monitors & keyboards
b) pictures and graphics
c) files & folders
d) menus and title bars

Leroy knows the location of the function keys. However, Larry wants to know the purpose of the function keys. Which phrase explains the purpose of the function keys?
a) to execute commands
b) to close a software menu
c) to display text and graphics
d) to enter letters and symbols

Michael is keying a document for a class. How should his fingers be positioned when using proper keyboarding techniques?
a) curved
b) flat
c) rigid
d) straight

John wants to use the numeric keypad to key data in a table. What key must he use to activate this process?
a) num lock
b) caps lock
c) scroll lock
d) shift key

When keying a document, on what should Betsy’s eyes be focused?
a) copy
b) fingers
c) floor
d) keys

A student should use what technique when operating the ENTER key?
a) touch ENTER, return finger to semicolon
b) touch ENTER, keep finger on ENTER key
c) touch ENTER, return hand to function keys
d) touch ENTER, return hand to home keys

Explain why proper techniques should be used when keying at a computer?
a) to prevent errors
b) to be comfortable
c) to please the teacher
d) to protect your body

A student keying a line of type in all CAPITAL letters should DEPRESS which key?
a) Control
b) Caps lock
c) Left Shift
d) Right Shift

Which will your word processing software's TOOLS feature find?
a) Homonyms
b) Names of Proper Nouns
c) Omitted Words
d) Grammar errors

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