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What key do you press to see the results of a formula?
a) shift
b) ctrl
c) spacebar
d) enter

What is the BEST type of chart to compare individual values to each other?
a) pie
b) line
c) bar
d) scattergram

How do you write the mathematical operator equal to or greater than?
a) =>
b) =&
c) =<
d) =+

What would be an appropriate field name for a database that lists your friend's personal interests?
a) height
b) hobby
c) age
d) address

How would you put a class of students in order from the shortest to the tallest?
a) rank the record in ascending order
b) sort by height in descending order
c) search the height field
d) sort by height in ascending order

What adds interest and keeps your audience attentive (in a presentation file)?
a) multimedia effects
b) clip art
c) presentation file
d) title slide

What should NOT be considered when planning a presentation?
a) handouts
b) equipment
c) attributes
d) materials

What should be the major concern if a user wants to save a presentation to a floppy disk?
a) the size of the file
b) the file name
c) the number of slides
d) the type of printer

Which type of slide view will NOT display graphics?
a) outline view
b) slide show
c) notes page
d) slide sorter

Which of these is not an example of hardware?
a) cables
b) Windows 98
c) Monitor
d) disk drive

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