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Enjoying jumping, hiking, and swimming are examples of what learning style?
a) bodily/kinesthetic
b) logical/mathematical
c) musical/rhythmic
d) visual

Swimming is an example of an activity that a person with which learning style would enjoy?
a) bodily/kinesthetic
b) logical/mathematical
c) musical/rhythmic
d) visual

Tabitha is an artist. Tammy chose this career to match which of her values?
a) variety
b) recognition
c) job security
d) creativity

Clothing designer, poet and rapper are all examples of careers that match which value?
a) independence
b) creativity
c) job security
d) variety

Counting change, doing homework and debating are all examples of:
a) basic skills
b) adaptability skills
c) organizing skills
d) people skills

Which is an example of an interpersonal skill used in the workplace?
a) managing a team
b) building a computer system
c) inventing a new product
d) taking notes

Which is an example of using adaptability skills to make work more effective?
a) organizing files
b) complaining about a new work schedule
c) agreeing to work later than scheduled
d) typing reports

Which is an example of using a career fair network resource to look for employment?
a) talking with employers
b) browsing the Internet
c) creating a help wanted sign
d) looking through the want ads

Which is an example of what should be done before an interview?
a) practice interviewing skills
b) play basketball
c) send a thank you note
d) nothing

What document type is a formal correspondence sent from a business to another business or to an individual?
a) business letter
b) academic report
c) flyer
d) minutes

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