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Cell reproduction in PROKARYOTES
a) binary fission
b) mitosis
c) zygote
d) haploid

Process by which GAMETES are formed from diploid nuclei
a) Meiosis
b) Mitosis
c) Fertilization
d) Homologue

Structure located between the centrioles of a cell
a) Spindle
b) Haploid
c) Diploid
d) Centromere

Containing ONE chromosome of each homologous pair (1N)
a) Haploid
b) Diploid
c) Polyploid
d) Gamete

Part of the cell cycle usually accompanied by cell division
a) Mitosis
b) Prophase
c) Telophase
d) Interphase

Having two of each chromosome (2N)
a) Diploid
b) Haploid
c) Polyploid
d) Spore

How many chromosomes do your (human) cell have?
a) 46
b) 32
c) 12
d) 24

Each of two chromosomes with identical structures
a) homologous
b) diploid
c) haploid
d) cell cycle

Third stage of mitosis
a) Anaphase
b) Telophase
c) Prophase
d) Interphase

A rapid division of a cell that invades and disrupts other cells is typical of
a) Cancer
b) Interphase
c) Biogenesis
d) Spontaneous generation

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