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Yellow, orange, and red pigments in a chloroplast
a) Carotenoid
b) Stroma
c) Grana
d) Xanhophyll

Breakdown of a glucose molecule into two LACTIC ACID molecules
a) Lactic acid fermentation
b) Grama
c) Exergonic
d) Alcoholic fermentation

Distance between 2 successive wave crests
a) Wavelength
b) Grana
c) endergonic
d) Trough

Range of colors that make up white light
a) Visible Light Spectrum
b) Anaerobic
c) Aerobic
d) Absorption Spectrum

Process taking place in the ABSENCE of oxygen
a) Anaerobic
b) Exergonic
c) Endergonic
d) Aerobic

Breakdown of glucose into ethanol and carbon dioxide
a) Alcohol fermentation
b) light reactions
c) ATP
d) Lactic acid fermentation

Describes respiration requiring oxygen
a) aerobic
b) ATP
c) grana
d) anaerobic

Breaks down to release free energy for cell activities
a) ATP
b) Calvin cycle
c) Stroma
d) Grana

In light reactions of photosynthesis, energy from sunlight becomes stored as chemical energy in the bonds of
a) ATP
b) ADP
c) RNA
d) DNA

In the light reactions of photosynthesis, light energy is converted into
a) Chemical energy
b) Activation energy
c) Nuclear energy
d) Electrical eneergy

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