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Kinetic energy is the energy of:
a) height
b) life
c) cohesion
d) motion

Which of the following contain chemically stored potential energy
a) food
b) food, gasoline, and batteries
c) gasoline
d) batteries

How can you increase potential energy?
a) lift and object higher from the floor
b) fall
c) decrease the mass of the object
d) move the object closer to the ground

What type of energy does an object have if it is moving?
a) potential
b) chemical
c) electrical
d) kinetic

Which object contains chemical potential energy?
a) a rock
b) a battery
c) a desk
d) a spring

Gravity is the unbalanced force that acts on objects making them fall to the ground when dropped.
a) True
b) ..
c) ..
d) False

How can you tell if forces are balanced if you are pulling a rope in one direction and your brother is pulling in another?
a) You will move backwards
b) Neither you or your brother will move
c) Your brother will move forwards
d) Your brother will move backwards

What is the speed of an object that traveled 50 miles in 2 hours?
a) 100 mph
b) 2.5 mph
c) 250 mph
d) 25 mph

What does a speed of zero indicate?
a) The object is moving really fast
b) ..
c) The object is not moving
d) The object is going backwards

When you are running a race, what does a smaller number for time mean?
a) you were slower than everyone else
b) you fell
c) you were not going that great of a distance
d) You ran the race faster

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