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What is the name of Newton's first law of motion?
a) law of inertia
b) law of acceleration
c) law of objects at rest
d) law of opposing forces

What is friction?
a) The opposite of inertia
b) The opposing force of gravity
c) An opposing force between two objects
d) A force that keeps objects moving in a straight line

Complete this sentence: An object at rest tends to
a) remain at rest.
b) create friction.
c) change its direction.
d) move in a straight line.

When no friction is involved, what can an outside force do to a moving object?
a) nothing.
b) change the object's speed only.
c) change the object's direction only.
d) change the object's speed or direction.

An object stays at rest until what happens to it?
a) Inertia releases it.
b) Gravity overcomes friction.
c) Friction builds up and moves the object.
d) An outside or unbalanced force acts upon the object.

A 10 kg falling object accelerates downward at 9.8 meters per second per second. What is the force acting on the object.
a) 9.8 N
b) 10 N
c) 98 N
d) 100 N

What is the formula for force?
a) Force= mass * velocity
b) Force= mass * acceleration
c) Force= mass/acceleration
d) Force= acceleration/mass

What does Newton's second law of motion describe?
a) intertia
b) an action causing a reaction
c) the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration
d) an outside force stopping or changing an object's speed or direction

How much force is needed to accelerate a 2000-kg car at 5 meters per second per second?
a) 400 N
b) 500 N
c) 1000 N
d) 10000 N

What is acceleration?
a) change in velocity/change in time
b) change in distance/change in time
c) change in mass/change in volume
d) change in pressure/change in time

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