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a condition in which a person over the age of 5 shows an inability to control urination during sleep ?
a) Narcolepsy
b) Insomnia
c) Sleep Apnea
d) Enuresis

a state of heightened suggestibility is what?
a) Hypnosis
b) Coma
c) Sleep
d) Depression

According to Freud, what the dreamer recalls on awakening is called?
a) Latent Content
b) Manifest Content
c) Response set theory of hypnosis
d) REM rebound

a brief episode of sleep that occurs in the midst of a wakeful activity is called?
a) Microsleep
b) Insomnia
c) Hypnosis
d) Sleep disorder

A sleep disorder in which a person is mobile and may perform actions during stage IV sleep is called?
a) Night terrors
b) Nightmare
c) Sleepwalking
d) Hallucination

A sleep disorder in which a person stops breathing during sleep is called?
a) Concussion
b) Narcolepsy
c) Microsleep
d) Sleep Apnea

Which theory asserts that hypnosis is not an altered state of consciousness, but a cognitive set to respond appropriately to suggestions
a) Threat simulation theory
b) Response set theory of hypnosis
c) Activation-synthesis theory
d) Dissociation theory

What is a relaxing state of sleep in which the person’s eyes do not move?
a) Non-REM sleep
b) REM sleep
c) Microsleep
d) Insomnia

What is a very frightening non-REM sleep episodes
a) Narcolepsy
b) REM rebound
c) Sleepwalking
d) Night terrors

What is a a rare sleep disorder in which a person falls asleep during alert activities during the day?
a) Night terrors
b) Narcolepsy
c) Sleep apnea
d) REM rebound

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