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At which point did greenhouse gases first begin to affect Earth's temperature?
a) when the first land plants appeared on Earth
b) when the atmosphere first formed on Earth
c) after the hole formed in the ozone layer
d) after humans started using fossil fuels

What is the middle layer of the atmosphere?
a) mesosphere
b) exosphere
c) troposphere
d) thermosphere

Weather occurs in what layer of the atmosphere?
a) ionosphere
b) thermosphere
c) stratosphere
d) troposphere

Why is the atmosphere the most vulnerable part of Earth's environment?
a) Because its in the sky
b) Because its thin
c) Because its in the air
d) Because it contains the ozone layer

What is the rainshadow effect?
a) When mountains create moisture
b) When rain evaporates before it touches the ground
c) When a tsunami draws the ocean far from the beach
d) When mountains force clouds to drop rain on one side causing dryness on the other side

The driving force behind weather is the...
a) distribution of clouds
b) redistribution of rain
c) redistribution of heat
d) distribution of the ocean

Which of the following reflect most of the sun's radiation
a) land and water
b) rocks, snow and sand
c) rocks, water, and land
d) snow

What would happen to a marshmallow if you sent it up into the atmosphere?
a) the would expand
b) it would contract
c) it would stay the same
d) it would combust

How do scientists measure the amount of carbon dioxide in snow?
a) through the amount of dirt in a sample
b) through the color of the sample
c) through the weight of the sample
d) through the bubbles found in the sample

Why is it important to study weather?
a) because the information scientists gather help understand and predict future weather patterns
b) because its cool
c) because its boring
d) because your mom said so

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