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What can people put along the seashore to help stop erosion?
a) houses
b) newspapers
c) wooden poles
d) sandbags and plants

What does deposition do to the Earth's surface?
a) creates a hurricane
b) it builds up areas of the Earth's surface
c) creates an earthquake
d) stops vegetation from growing

What is an example of erosion?
a) When you see a fault
b) when wind deposits weathered pieces of rock
c) when rainwater moves soil down a mountain or hill
d) volcanoes are present

What is the Earth undergoing all the time?
a) weathering
b) plateau
c) metamorphosis
d) mountains

What landform is always found on the coast?
a) canyon
b) dessert
c) peninsula
d) mountain

What can cause physical weathering?
a) water and ice
b) acid rain and animal chemicals
c) metamorphosis
d) plant and animal chemicals

What do we know about the surface of the Earth?
a) All landforms go into the water
b) Rocks travel around but they don't change
c) That it is hard and all rock
d) That it is always changing

How does acid rain form?
a) Oxygen and rain mix to form acid
b) Rain mixes with carbon dioxide to form an acid
c) Rain mixes with sunlight and forms acid
d) Chemicals mix with water

How are landslides like an avalanche?
a) Both are caused by water
b) Both go up hill
c) Both are quick kinds of erosion
d) Both are caused by erosion

What is a fault?
a) someone's bad habit
b) an earthquake
c) a break in the earth's crust
d) the same as the epicenter

What is deposition?
a) when eroded material is places somewhere else and it builds up
b) breaking apart of rocks
c) just like erosion
d) it can cause an earthquake

Why does a volcano erupt?
a) Earthquakes make magma warm and then it explodes
b) Lightning storms ignites the magma and then it explodes through the crust
c) Landslides open the earth surface to allow the magma to escape
d) Magma has gasses that build up, find a weak spot in the crust, and breaks through.

What is the term for magma when it comes out of the surface?
a) stream
b) lava
c) flowing hot rock
d) river

What do earthquakes and volcanoes have in common? choose the best answer
a) They both spew lava
b) They can both cause tsuamis
c) They both affect air travel
d) They both have an epicenter

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