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A substance made up of only one atom is?
a) element
b) rock
c) compound
d) mineral

What do scientists call a substance that is made of two or more atoms linked together?
a) Atom
b) Proton
c) Molecule
d) Electron

An understanding of the structure of the atom has been developed. How much time did it take to do?
a) Several weeks
b) Several hundred years
c) Fifty years
d) One to two years

How do scientists know matter is made of particles?
a) They can see them
b) A famous scientist decided it was true
c) People have always known it
d) Experiments have proven it

What is the compound
a) Water molecules
b) Water Cells
c) Water elements
d) Atoms of water

In an atom, electrons are found
a) In a Cloud around the nucleus
b) Paired with a neutron
c) In the nucleus
d) In orbit around the nucleus

Water is an example of a(n)
a) Compound
b) Element
c) Model
d) Mixture

Air is an example of a(n)
a) Compound
b) Element
c) Model
d) Mixture

Which of not a type of matter?
a) A compound
b) An element
c) A thought
d) A mixture

Which of the following is matter?
a) Air
b) Thoughts
c) Sound
d) Heat

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