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Theo did not feel comfortable telling the high-pressure time-share salesman "no," so he agreed to purchase the time-share condo at the beach even though he did not know how he woul
a) communicate.
b) be informed
c) plan
d) protect

Which illustrates a vague offer expecting one to pay up front? The woman:
a) . promised the shopper she'd tell her how to get the piano at no cost if she'd purchase piano lesso
b) asked the shopper to share her email address and Social Security number.
c) avoided telling the shopper where her business was based
d) refused to answer certain questions the shopper asked

Which is a typical activity of an adult in an parenting family
a) Roxie set up a chores chart with daily tasks for each child in the family.
b) Stan set up a home care schedule for his aging parents
c) Theo set up a workbench in one end of the couple's small garage
d) Vera set up an estate plan leaving assets to each of her children and grandchildren

After her divorce, Marissa earned her master's degree and was hired as an executive in a downtown business firm. Which lifestyle conditions does this illustrate?
a) Maritial Status, education level, and employment status
b) Dependents, education level, and health condition
c) Economic Outlook, maritial status, and employment status
d) Martial Status, Economic outlook, and age

Doris and Bill Alston met with their lawyer to review their last will to be sure their children would be well-provided-for. Which stage of the financial life cycle does this illust
a) Wealth distribution
b) before financial cycle begins
c) wealth accumaltion
d) basic welath protection

Which illustrates a typical line from a sweepstakes letter?
a) You are the lucky winner. Pay only $50 handling fees and claim your cash prize up to $50,000."
b) "Purchase your ticket now for a chance to win over $150,000."
c) Purchase special software for only $500, start your own business, and earn quick profits."
d) "Mail $10 to three people, and in a few short days, you'll start receiving cash in the mail!"

Single mom Marjorie works full-time to take care of her two children and her aging grandmother. Which lifestyle conditions does this illustrate?
a) Dependents, marital status, and employment status
b) Age, dependents, and health condition
c) Marital status, education level, and economic outlook
d) Marital status, economic outlook, and age

Lisa did not take time to discuss with her husband her planned purchase of new bedroom furniture. When the furniture was delivered, her husband was not pleased with her choice. Lis
a) Communicate
b) be informed
c) plan
d) protect

Which is an example of a typical need of an expanding family?
a) Purchasing supplies for a nursery for the new baby
b) Completing education needed to match career goals
c) Saving money for child's college tuition
d) Transfering funds to pay their son's college tuition

On the day of his Superbowl party, Dan went to the store four times to shop for snacks. Dan's behavior illustrates failure to:
a) plan
b) be informed
c) communicate
d) protect

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