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An individual form of life made up of one or more cells.
a) tissue
b) organism
c) prokaryote
d) organ

The increase in an organism mass shows
a) reproduction
b) homeostasis
c) growth
d) a stimulus

Being able to make more of the same kind of organism
a) reproduction
b) growth and development
c) using energy
d) homeostasis

If you run for very long you will probably begin to breathe faster. This is known as
a) growth
b) homeostasis
c) reproduction
d) cell division

The life cycle of the butterfly is an example of
a) reproduction
b) growth and development
c) using energy
d) responding to their environment

An example of an organism
a) heart
b) catfish
c) flock of birds
d) muscle tissue

Molecule that is the major energy carrier in the cell.
a) nucleic acid
b) phospholipids
c) ATP
d) lipids

What type of molecule is DNA
a) amino acid
b) protein
c) lipid
d) nucleic acid

Subunits of proteins are
a) amino acids
b) nucleic acids
c) carbohydrates
d) ATP

What is a complex carbohydrates?
a) fruit
b) starches
c) fiber
d) table sugar

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