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A hypothesis
a) is always wrong
b) is always corrent
c) may be correct, partially correct, or incorrect
d) should be a random guess

The instrument for measuring volume is a
a) stopwatch
b) graduated cylinder
c) thermometer
d) triple beam balance

Biology is the study of
a) matter
b) outer space
c) life
d) volcanoes

What would you measure the length an earthworm with
a) milliliters
b) centimeters
c) kilograms
d) liters

A variable that is unchanged
a) control variable
b) experimental variable
c) independent variable
d) dependent variable

Scientists use this system to share their data
a) control system
b) English system
c) Scientific system
d) International System of Measurement

Which of the following would not be part of the scientific method?
a) forming a hypothesis
b) testing the hypothesis
c) making wild guesses
d) asking questions

When determining the mass of a dog, the best unit of measure would be
a) grams
b) centimeters
c) degrees
d) kilometers

356.7 kg = ___________________ g
a) 0.3567 g
b) 356,700 g
c) 35.67 g
d) 35,670 g

Triple beam balance is measuring
a) meters
b) grams
c) liters
d) inches

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