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Companies that believe in the Marketing Concept base their decisions on the:
a) Goals of competitors
b) Needs and desires of consumers
c) Employee lifestyles
d) Employee attitudes and beliefs

Businesses that buy products to use in their own business are which market?
a) consumer
b) industrial
c) mass
d) niche

Dividing the total market into smaller, more specific groups or segments is:
a) Production marketing
b) Product/Service Planning
c) Mass Marketing
d) Market Segmentation

To succeed in business, managers must base their decisions on the:
a) Goals of the company
b) Needs and desires of consumers
c) Projected sales.
d) Types of products sold by competitors.

The identification and selection of markets for a business or for a product is known as:
a) A consumer group
b) Market definition
c) Mass marketing
d) Target marketing

Which of the following is a consideration for the product element of marketing?
a) Discounts to offer customers
b) Inventory control
c) Packaging
d) Publicity

Which is a consideration in the place element of marketing?
a) Choice of distribution channels
b) Extension of credit
c) Sales promotion
d) Warranties

A market is composed of people willing to:
a) Regulate money.
b) Save money
c) Spend money
d) Spend time

Which of the following is an example of an activity in the consumer market?
a) A business owner buying equipment for her shop
b) Buying tooling for a machine shop
c) Customers buying lunch at a local restaurant
d) Schools buying chairs for students

The business philosophy, or view, which focuses on giving customers what they want is known as the:
a) Product concept
b) Selling concept
c) Marketing concept
d) Production concept

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