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Mammals have the following characteristics.
a) Hair, Warm Blooded, Make Milk and have Four Limbs.
b) Hair, Cool Blooded, Two limbs, Eat Meat.
c) Skin, Finger Nails, Breath, Cold Blooded.
d) Scales, Warm Blooded, Make Milk, Hair

What teeth in Mammals are used for grinding food.
a) Molars
b) Canine
c) Incisors
d) Sharp ones

What kind of Mammals lay eggs?
a) Monotremes
b) Marsupials
c) Placentals
d) Fish

What kind of mammals have pouches to protect their undeveloped young?
a) Marsupials
b) Monotremes
c) Placental Mammals
d) Naked Mole Rats

This muscle in mammals helps them breathe.
a) Diaphragm
b) Quadraceps
c) Gluteus Maximus
d) Air Muscle

The mammal uses this to make milk.
a) Mammary Gland
b) Pituitary Gland
c) Cow
d) Milkman

Canine Teeth of Lions help them?
a) Hold on to their prey
b) Grind leaves and grasses
c) Suck Blood
d) Eat Candy

Kangaroos are?
a) Marsupials
b) Funny
c) Monotremes
d) Placental Mammals

A Panda Bear is a?
a) Placental Mammal
b) Marsupial
c) Monotreme
d) Cuddly buddy

A duck Billed Platypus is ?
a) a Monotreme
b) an egg layer
c) Poisonous
d) All three are correct

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