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A prefix that means well
a) intra
b) bene
c) mono
d) auto

A root word that means build
a) stru
b) plic/ply
c) flex
d) pent

A root word that means self
a) intra
b) flex
c) auto
d) derm

A root word that means send
a) scrib/script
b) tens
c) mit/miss
d) voc

A prefix that means ten
a) deci
b) mono
c) octo
d) pent

A prefix that means within
a) mono-
b) ambi-
c) non-
d) intra-

A prefix that means not
a) auto
b) plic
c) ambi-
d) non-

A prefix that means not
a) im-/in-
b) re-
c) pre-
d) ambi-

A prefix that means again
a) ante-
b) mono-
c) pre-
d) re-

A root word that means carry
a) voc
b) port
c) mit/miss
d) auto

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