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A group of organisms that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring is a(n)
a) family
b) species
c) organization
d) community

Which of the following would come before the others in the scientific method?
a) collecting data
b) formulating a hypothesis
c) asking a question
d) come to a conclusion

In an experiment, all variables are held constant except for one. Then, experimental results are compared to that one variable. What type of experiment is this?
a) a variable experiment
b) a multifactor experiment
c) a controlled experiment
d) a hypothetical experiment

Which is not something a scientist would study?
a) biology
b) anatomy
c) astrology
d) botany

Which is most likely not a beneficial contribution made by biologists?
a) Improving the durability of non-stick coatings
b) Improving the nutritional content of food
c) Improving the life expectancy of humans
d) Improving the soil used in agriculture

Which of the following is not always a necessary characteristic of life?
a) Made of one or more cells
b) Have DNA
c) Growth and Development
d) Reproduction

Ten birds feed at my birdfeeder every morning. This is an example of which of the following?
a) inference
b) hypothesis
c) qualitative data
d) quantitative data

Tasha is testing the effect of blue colored light on the growth of tomato plants. Which is the independent variable in the experiment?
a) light color
b) light temperature
c) light intensity
d) amount of light

In the peer-review process for a report of the results of the study on the ecology of honeybees, who would be an appropriate reviewer?
a) a physicist that keeps bees
b) a biologist studying insects
c) a politician that knew about bees
d) the local beekeeper association

The collection and analysis of numerical data is called....
a) the scientific method
b) a conclusion
c) statistics
d) development of a hypothesis

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