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The Crusades continued off and on for approximately
a) 100 years
b) 50 years
c) 200 years
d) 150 years

While he was serving as a soldier, Prince Henry learned of African__________
a) Spices
b) Culture
c) Gold
d) Fortune Tellers

Along with the Crusades, Marco Polo's book resulted in increased interest in.....
a) Eastern goods and trade in Europe
b) Travel and Exploration
c) Education
d) Religion

Marco Polo's home was in
a) Italy
b) Portugal
c) France
d) Jerusalem

Vasco Da Gama was the first European to sail the new all-water route
a) to North America
b) to South America
c) around Africa to the Orient
d) to Greenland

Which country was NOT represented by Crusaders?
a) Germany
b) France
c) Britain
d) India

Men joined the crusades because of
a) Adventure
b) Wealth
c) a desire to free Jerusalem from the Turks
d) All of the above

Eastern luzuries were expensive because of the distance they had to be brought, taxes en route, frequent loading and unloading and......
a) High wages for the workers
b) High prices in China
c) Danger from pirates and robbers
d) Production difficulties

Which of the following was NOT a trade route that existed before Prince Henry
a) By land across China through the Middle East
b) By land to Africa then by ship to China
c) By land to the Red Sea or Persian Gulf
d) By water across the Mediterranean

Which of the following is not true about Prince Henry's school of navigation
a) It employed the best map makers available
b) on-the-job training was accomplished on successive trips down the coast of Africa
c) Its purpose was to train sailors to sail west to reach China

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