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What would you do if you had to think outside the box?
a) instead of doing what other people did you do something new
b) copying someone
c) buying something
d) do nothing

What is an example of a big problem.
a) a hurricane
b) giving up
c) getting on the floor and whining over a little thing.
d) don't let it get to you

What was unexpected?
a) someone jumping out at you
b) water fountain spraying water
c) a little flame on a lighter
d) wearing shoes to school

What is an example of just me thinking?
a) being distracted
b) hold the door open
c) offering a piece of candy
d) listening to your teacher

What was expected?
a) a dam that breaks thats made out of wood.
b) sneezing on your friend
c) flip somebody in the nose
d) come to school dressed as a scarecrow

how can you think of someone?
a) is he/she nice or not nice.
b) talking while they are talking
c) making loud noises
d) that aren't listening to you

what does cold feet mean?
a) nervousness
b) braveness
c) courage
d) ice feet

What does keep your chin up mean?
a) cheer up
b) look up
c) open a can
d) go to lunch

What does bend over backwards mean?
a) try really hard to help something
b) doing exercises
c) playing basketball
d) falling down

What is nonverbal language?
a) Using your body to communicate
b) Spanish
c) a video game
d) ice cream

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