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What amendment defines citizenship?
a) 14
b) 10
c) 18
d) 5

What is the process known as to become a citizen?
a) emigration
b) birth
c) naturalization
d) immigration

Something a citizen must do or face legal consequences is known as a?
a) civic responsibility
b) civic duty
c) community service
d) personality trait

All of the following are civic responsibilities except
a) registering and voting
b) respect others' rights to an equal voice in government
c) hold elective office
d) paying taxes

What are the two means of obtaining citizenship?
a) birth and naturalization
b) birth and immigration
c) immigration and naturalization
d) birth and emigration

Volunteering in a nursing home is an example of
a) civic duty
b) civic responsibility
c) community service
d) personal trait

Civic responsibilities are
a) fulfilled by choice
b) mandatory
c) required
d) mandated

Missing work to go to jury duty is a
a) civic responsibility
b) civic duty
c) community service
d) citizenship

To become a citizen one must demonstrate knowledge in all of the following except
a) math
b) history
c) english
d) civics

A basic responsibility is to contribute to the
a) government
b) school district
c) armed forces
d) common good

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