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What does 'on cloud nine' mean?
a) very happy
b) you are walking in the clouds
c) you're up in the sky
d) you're on the 9th could in the sky

What does let the cat out of the bag mean.
a) tell a secret or a surprise
b) get a cat out of a bag
c) bring a cat with you and get it out
d) crazy cat

what does 'body in the group' mean?
a) it means you're whole body is listening and close to the group
b) playing with your shoes and socks
c) pulling your hair really hard
d) you keep scratching yourself

Why did you get 'in the doghouse'?
a) you are in trouble
b) in the doghouse for no reason
c) living in the doghouse
d) a place where you get sad or place to hide.

What does 'expected' mean?
a) doing good things or appropriate behavior
b) not paying attention
c) not knowing what is going on
d) not knowing what you are going to do in a lab

What is a social detective?
a) seeing what people are doing around you
b) world wide detective
c) sherlock holmes
d) 007

How do you make an inference?
a) gather up what you already know to what might happen in a story
b) just guessing what might happen next
c) always getting the wrong answer
d) not concluding what you already know

What does 'hit the bull's eye' mean?
a) 100% correct
b) hit a bull in the eye
c) playing with a mean bull
d) try to kill a bull.

What does 'keep your chin up" mean?
a) cheer up, have courage and be strong
b) it means point your chin up
c) to participate in something
d) tilt your chin down.

What does smart guess and wacky guess mean?
a) smart guess is good and wacky guess is wierd
b) guesses for smart people
c) passing a test
d) try to make a good score

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