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The color of a mineral in powdered form is called the mineral's . .
a) streak
b) fracture
c) cleavage
d) luster

Because many minerals are similar in color, and certain elements may change the color, color
a) is not a good identifier because of weathering
b) is a restrictive property
c) is the best identifier
d) is stable

What is the Moh's scale?
a) Its a scale that ranks ten minerals from softest (1) to hardest (10)
b) Its a scale that ranks ten minerals by their luster characteristics.
c) Its a scale that ranks the softness of a material from softest(10) to hardnest (1)
d) Its a scale that ranks ten minerals from hardest (1) to softest (10)

A compound is...
a) a pure substance made up of two or more types of elements (atoms) chemically combined in a fixed pro
b) an impure substance made up of two or more types of elements (atoms) mechanical
c) two or more atoms mixed together
d) two or more elements mixed together

Which of the following is an example of an inference?
a) Due to the overcast skies, I think it is about to rain.
b) I like cloudy days.
c) There are many stratus clouds filling the sky.
d) The sky is overcast, and the sun is not visible.

Observing means...
a) using the 5 senses to find out information about objects: an object’s characteristics, properties, s
b) the process of grouping and ordering objects.
c) developing an assumption of the expected outcome.
d) carrying out an investigation.

A substance that cannot be broken down into a simpler form by ordinary chemical means is called a(n)
a) element
b) mixture
c) compound
d) nucleus

Minerals are comprised of one or more ___.
a) elements
b) rocks
c) structures
d) colors

A tooth is not a mineral because...
a) It was once living
b) it is a solid
c) it is Naturally occuring
d) it has a Chemical composition

The mineral identification test that is often performed using a penny, a glass plate, and a fingernail....
a) hardness
b) shape
c) luster
d) streak

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